Onboarding Management

Institution Managment Software where admin can add Team Members, Agents, Contracts, Universities etc. Admin can assign Any Team Member for new Leads. Auto open next stage when current stage is completed. Auto stage and substage is changed when stage is completed. Admin can Communication with […]

VataxCloud App

Progress report using Zoho Creator HTML Snippets. Invoice status Report showing using Graphs and Pannels. Customer Invoices Report using HTML Snippets custom coding. Search section using HTML snippets custom coding. Apply to Pannels and Graphs both.

Resident Management

Owner details, Residents details, Flats details, units details. All vehicle in society by there Resident Number. All Pets Details in the building Phone bridge integration for phone calling direct through the Zoho App. Customer Portal for Different Users. Data Import from .csv file

Medical Clinic

Patients Details, Doctors Details, Payment, Service Rendered, List of services with Prices and Material Cost Zoho creator data Import/Export using .csv, .xls, .tsv. Import data from pdf and upload data into zoho creator. Take care of Unique keywords while Import data into zoho. Php code […]

Email Auto Dealer/ EZ Auto Buying

Zoho CRM, Calendy Integration, Zoho Forms Integration, Data Import/Export, Book appointment online, E-Mail Notification Find, Replace and Update data into Zoho CRM using Integration through ZAPPIER Template for Send Email Notification to Multiple Users or Employees. Calendy Integration with Zoho CRM. users can apply for […]