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Add to Cart Button in Deluge Script

Zoho Creator, add cart button in the report to add selected Items into My Cart. On click of the button Items details will added into the cart. and redirect url will redirect to the record. when we can add more items in cart or go to checkout section.

In the example i setup the button for each record. or you can set these button on other different location also you can select and send Multiple items once into the cart.

void defaultFunction(Items ID)
	mymap = Map();
	optionalmap = Map();
	sub = zoho.creator.createRecord("owner_name","app_name","form_name",mymap,optionalmap,"Connection_Name");
	nn = sub.get("data").get("ID");
	openUrl("....url/app_name/form_name/form_name/record-edit/Form_Report_Name/" + nn,"same window");

Please setup following values as per your credentials form URL.
owner_name = owner name of the app
app_name = App Name in Zoho Creator
form_Name = form name where you want to send the data
Connection_Name = Connection Name which is created in Zoho developer Console

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