zohopundit HRM Zoho Creator applications

Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management-Take the hassle out of HR management. Hire promising candidates, assign projects, and perform appraisals from a single app. This app complements the myriad processes involved in HR, making them faster and more efficient. Following major modules were covered for this application. Human Resource Management Forms- Savings Loans Website Survey 1-to-1 meetings Onboarding…

Zoho Creator Property Management application

Property Management

Property Form- Add Propert Details. Name, Block, Title, Address on this module. Tenancy Form– on successfully submission of record update details to Tenant Details module, Owner Details module and Unit Details module. Fields workflow is set. Data is updating respect to unit number. Owners Details form- Tenant subform is present. fields auto populate. workflow present….

Top 5 courses of PHP & MySQL online

In current trend PHP and MYSQL is the most popular database and scripting language for today’s generation. Whereas PHP is server-side scripting language, it creates dynamic pages with customized features. The main advantage of using PHP and MYSQL is, it provides user friendly, an interactive website and also producing a genuinely dynamic and flexible content….

Email Auto Dealer/ EZ Auto Buying

Zoho CRM, Calendy Integration, Zoho Forms Integration, Data Import/Export, Book appointment online, E-Mail Notification Find, Replace and Update data into Zoho CRM using Integration through ZAPPIER Template for Send Email Notification to Muliple Users or Employees. Calendy Integration with Zoho CRM. users can apply for appointment with doctor. Zoho Form Integration with wordpress website and…