Creator Property Management App Process

  1. When any user create request for maintenance then first email is go to the to inform that new request is created by the user.


  1. Then admin click on the link and redirect to record details page. Then admin have to assign the vendor for appropriate request.
  1. After admin assign the vendor for request. Email Notification is send to the Vendor email address. If vendor want to check the record, then vendor can click on the link for more details.
  2. After that if vendor is interested to work then vendor have to change the status from “pending” to “In progress”.
  3. After that email is send to the owner of request showing the vendor details
  4. Once job is completed then vendor create the work order for the request completed
  5. For Recurring record vendor not need to create the work order. Work order will be auto generate.
  6. At the end of the every month work order will go to the Invoices.


Modules Details:

  1. Add owner: First Module is owners module where you can add the property owners details.
  2. Add Property: To add the properties details info Property module is used.

For Property form there are 4 lookup fields which is related to other forms.

  1. Property owner
  2. Property Manager
  3. Property type
  4. Building
  5. Request for maintenance: If there is any request for the maintenance then user can add there requests on that module.
  6. Firstly user have to add the details of the request like photo, video, description.

Lookup fields:

  1. Property Name
  2. Job Category
  3. Property Manager (auto fill)
  4. Name of reported person (Owners)(auto fill)
  5. Job assign to (Vendors)

If request is Recurring request then user have to select the Frequency (weekly, monthly, Yearly)and vendor have to fill the Price after job completed.

  1. When request is submitted then admin will come and assign the job to the appropriate person.

Once admin assign  the job then email notification is send to the vendor with request details.

  1. Then vendor check the request. If vendor is ready to work on the request then he have to change the job status from pending to ‘In progress’.
  2. Behalf of job status field anyone can track the progress of request.
  3. Assigned person have to fill the details like Expected job completed date. Once he start work.
  4. When job status is changed then email notification is send to the request owner email address.
  5. Work Orders: Once vendor complete the job then vendor can create new work order where he have to fill the matrial used, Total cost etc.

Lookup fields –

  1. Request for maintenance (Request date + Property Name)
  2. Property Name (Auto fill)
  3. Owner Name (auto fill)
  4. Job Category (auto fill)

Other auto populate fields: Job description, Frequency, Assign to

Mandatory fields fill by the vendor after work completed:

Job status to completed, Total Cost, cost of material, Material description,

  1. Add Vendor: Vendor details is filled here
  2. After End of the Month All work order present will be converted to In voice as respect to property Name. Like if same property have request multiple work in month all the cost will be calculated in one Invoice.

Total Cost = All work order cost + 10% commission.

At the end of the month Invoices will also auto go to Zoho Books Items Module.

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