Zoho Salesforce Integration

Salesforce integration in Zoho Creator

One of the most common question. How can we connect multiple salesforce account with zoho creator. And use the salesforce account details in zoho creator. On this post you can see the solution for that. Here all the process to make connection with salesforce in zoho Creator is showing in details. Salesforce integration enables you to…

Custom Email Template in Zoho Creator Deluge

The send mail task can be used to send emails from your Zoho Creator Application. For example, you can invoke the “send mail” function from Form Actions -> on add -> on success script to send mail when a new record is successfully added to the database. Here we create Custom Email Template which is used to send the…

zohopundit HRM Zoho Creator applications

Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management-Take the hassle out of HR management. Hire promising candidates, assign projects, and perform appraisals from a single app. This app complements the myriad processes involved in HR, making them faster and more efficient. Following major modules were covered for this application. Human Resource Management Forms- Savings Loans Website Survey 1-to-1 meetings Onboarding…

Zoho Creator Property Management application

Property Management

Property Form- Add Propert Details. Name, Block, Title, Address on this module. Tenancy Form– on successfully submission of record update details to Tenant Details module, Owner Details module and Unit Details module. Fields workflow is set. Data is updating respect to unit number. Owners Details form- Tenant subform is present. fields auto populate. workflow present….