Push data from Zoho Creator to Zoho CRM

Zoho Creator can push Form data to Zoho CRM. Below steps tell you how to add a CRM lead from Zoho Creator Form.

1- Create a Lead Form in Zoho Creator: Create a Zoho Creator Form with the following fields.

2- Company Name (field type – Single Line)

3- Name (field type –  Single Line)

4- Telephone (field type –   Single Line)

5- Email Address (field type –   Email)

6- File Upload field (for adding attachments)

7- write the script on your submission form’s on success


create the CRM vs Creator fields map to push data to the CRM module.

myFieldMap = map();

add values to the map. CRM fields first and then Creator fields ( without the quotes ). Creator field’s deluge name is used here-

myFieldMap = map();
myFieldMap.put(“Company”, Company_Name);
myFieldMap.put(“Last Name”, Name);
myFieldMap.put(“Phone”, Telephone);
myFieldMap.put(“Email”, Email_Address);
response = zoho.crm.create(“Leads”, myFieldMap);

Click on Save Script.

Submit data on your Creator Form and check the lead in CRM.

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