HOPO Home Zoho Creator App

HOPO Home Zoho Creator App Features: Zoho Creator Connection with Zoho CRM Zoho Creator Connection with Zoho Books Use of Customer Portal. (User can register herself in the portal) Receipt issue to Customer Invoice generate and send PDF to customer Push notification for Portal Users […]

VataxCloud App

Progress report using Zoho Creator HTML Snippets. Invoice status Report showing using Graphs and Pannels. Customer Invoices Report using HTML Snippets custom coding. Search section using HTML snippets custom coding. Apply to Pannels and Graphs both.

Resident Management

Owner details, Residents details, Flats details, units details. All vehicle in society by there Resident Number. All Pets Details in the building Phone bridge integration for phone calling direct through the Zoho App. Customer Portal for Different Users. Data Import from .csv file

Medical Clinic

Patients Details, Doctors Details, Payment, Service Rendered, List of services with Prices and Material Cost Zoho creator data Import/Export using .csv, .xls, .tsv. Import data from pdf and upload data into zoho creator. Take care of Unique keywords while Import data into zoho. Php code […]

Property Management

Property Form- Add Propert Details. Name, Block, Title, Address on this module Tenancy Form– on successfully submission of record update details to Tenant Details module, Owner Details module and Unit Details module. Fields workflow is set. Data is updating respect to unit number. Owners Details […]

Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management-Take the hassle out of HR management. Hire promising candidates, assign projects, and perform appraisals from a single app. This app complements the myriad processes involved in HR, making them faster and more efficient. Following major modules were covered for this application. Human […]