Dashboard: Dashboard is created using HTML SNIPPETS script and zoho creator report filters. At the top of the page 3 filters is present which apply to the data Panels showing below of the filter.


  1. Select Property
  2. Select owner
  3. Select Property Manager

User can select only 1 filter or can select all filters at once. After selecting the filter option from the dropdown user have to click on the ‘Open Dashboard’ button. On click page will reload and all selected values will be show at the top and selected option ID will show in the url.

Panels: Panels is created under<Div>.Custom code is used to get the record data, count data and show data. Please note these Page is created under Zoho Creator and in zoho creator there is no user filter option is present. That’s why we use HTML Snippets.

Reports: Zoho default report is showing. Report filter is used to set the Report accordingly.

  1. Over Due Requests
  2. Open Requests
  3. Completed Requests

Owners: All Property Owners details will show here. In Owner details Contact Details, Bank Details, Address Details is present.

Properties: All Property details records will show here. In the form Lookup fileds is used for – Property Owner, Property Manager, Building, Property Type. These look up fields is belong to others forms which is hide. Other details options are full details of property address, Property Owner details is present.

Request For Maintenance: This form is used for the Property owner and other members to put any request for maintenance and other issues. For example:- any repair, painting, Cleaning, Electrical issue etc.

Auto Populate: data workflow is used. For example when property name is selected then Property Owner, Property Manager, Request Date will be auto fill. Deluge script is used for auto populate data.

Once user fill the request then Admin will assign the request to the appropriate vendor.

Email Notification: will send to the admin email address when any new request is created. When admin assign the job then another email will send to the selected vendor email. Vendor can check what sort of job assign to him in the email.

Work Order: When Request job is completed. Then Vendor created the Work order and show what work he did and what material is used with the total Price.

On behalf of Job status field 2 more reports is added with Conditional Filter. one is job pending which will show the all pending Jobs (Pending, In Progress) and second is Job Completed. This will show the all completed jobs.

Email Notification: is also send to the property owner to show that Job is completed by the vendor.

Schedule Workflow: is created in the work order. All the work order will added into the invoice based at the end of the every month based on the property name. For selected property all work orders details is go into single invoice and total amount of all jobs will show on same.

Invoices: all work order Total invoice will show here. User can see the work order numbers for details. Behalf of that work orders user can check what sort of work invoice is it.

Vendors: Vendors is the service providers for work orders. Work order will be assign to the specific vendor.

Request for Maintenance Process:

  1. When any user create request for maintenance then first email is go to the owner to inform that new request is created by the user.
  2. Then admin click on the link and redirect to record details page. Then admin have to assign the vendor for appropriate request.
  3. After admin assign the vendor for request. Firstly status change from “Pending” to “Assign” Email Notification is send to the Vendor email address with record link. If vendor want to check the record, then vendor can click on the link for more details.
  4. After that if vendor is interested to work then vendor have to change the status from “Assign” to “In progress”.
  5. After that email is send to the owner of request showing the vendor details(Vendor name, Phone Number, Company Name).
  6. Once job is completed then vendor edit the record and fill cost of the request. And then change status from “In Progress” to “Completed”.
  7. Once job status change to Completed then Pre-Invoice will be auto generate.
  8. User can select any of the pre-invoice and click on “Generate Invoice” to create the invoice of selected property.
  9. When user click on “Generate Invoice” then for selected request Property all of the request cost will be combine to one Invoice.

Amount Calculation Process.

  1. There are to type of cost amount (Fixed, Hourly)
  2. In Fixed Amount user have to fill the amount and for (Hourly Price =Total hour work * vendor hourly rate) example:- (2 hour * 10$ per hour = 20$)
  3. Total Tax is 21% of the all cost.
  4. Amount for Material to owner is 10% increment of real amount.
  5. Admin can fill 2 types of amount (1 real amount and 2nd is amount to owner)
  6. Total cost for Hourly work = Hourly Price + Material Cost + Tax

Total cost for Fixed Amount work = Fixed Price + Material Cost + Tax

  1. Admin can change the price for owner.
  2. On Pre Invoice real amount will show and on the Invoices amount to owner will show.

Workflow created on this app

Add owner :- 1
Pre Invoice:- 7
Invoice:- 2
Request for Maintenace: 19
Schedule Workflow:- 7
Report Workflow: 1

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