The send mail task can be used to send emails from your Zoho Creator Application. For example, you can invoke the “send mail” function from Form Actions -> on add -> on success script to send mail when a new record is successfully added to the database.

Here we create Custom Email Template which is used to send the multiple receipt details in one email. Zoho added users can send single email upto 3 or more people. Also attach upto 10 attachments with that Email. Here all the functionality is custom code. For Email body Sub String are used to break the lines.

On ‘Send Email’ button Click (after multiple records selected) Multiple Receipts data will go to the Email Template Records. After that New Email Template Url would be open which takes all the receipt data on that Template. Deluge script is used ‘On Load’ , ‘On Success’ and for ‘Custom Button’.

In the Email user can see the Receipt details (Fields data values) accordingly. Also able to add/ change Template body data as per needs.

Note: The From address should only be zoho.adminuserid, zoho.loginuserid or a verified email address. Otherwise, the sendmail task will fail. This restriction is imposed to control spam messages.


From : 
To : 
Subject : 
Message : 


  • To– the mail recipient
  • From– the sender
  • Subject – the text you want to display in the message subject
  • Message– the text you want to display in the message body
  • <string expression> – deluge expression evaluating to valid email address in case of From and To and any valid string in case of subject and message. subject and message are optional parameters.

Example of Email Recevied in Mail Box Looks Like this. Showing below.

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