HOPO Home Zoho Creator App


  • Zoho Creator Connection with Zoho CRM
  • Zoho Creator Connection with Zoho Books
  • Use of Customer Portal. (User can register herself in the portal)
  • Receipt issue to Customer
  • Invoice generate and send PDF to customer
  • Push notification for Portal Users
  • Single Property having different room assign to different Tenant
  • Booked Room auto hide from the available room list. Once Tenant Move out from Room than auto show to available room list
  • Auto send Agreement, Receipt, Invoices as PDF in email


  • Room/Property Listing
  • Tenant Details
  • Booking Room
  • Move Out
  • Maintenance Request
  • Invoices
  • Receipts
  • Expenses
  • Push Notification

Room/Property Listing

  1. Available rooms will show here.
  2. Room Name Fields will show depends on Total Room Selected.
  3. Details of House and Property Features fields is also present in the form.


Tenant Details:-

  1. Tenant KYC details will show here.
  2. Customer can see here own details only (in Customer Portal).
  3. Only Admin can add the new Tenants.


Booking Room:-

  1. This Module to used for Room Booking.
  2. Tenant can book rooms through Portal
  3. Total Amount will auto Calculate.
  4. Customer Have to select Property Name, Tenant Name. And have to add Key Details, Bank Details
  5. Once Property Name is selected then related field data will auto populate.
  6. Select ‘View Agreement’ to view the Agreement.
  7. Tenant can not able to change the Agreement data. But admin can change the agreement data.
  8. Minimum Stay end date will auto calculate based on Minimum stay period and Date of Move in.
  9. If Payment Type is Partial Payment then invoices will generate based on Partial amount otherwise total amount will be calculate on invoices
  10. Agreement auto send to the Tenant and Admin as PDF through Email


Move Out:-

  1. User can click on the Move Out Button Present in “All booking Room” Report to Move out from the room.
  2. Once user click on the button “Move out” report will open with auto fill data.
  3. User have to Select the Move Out Reason to Move from the Room.
  4. Once Process is completed. Booking status auto change to ‘Move Out’ in Room Booking and Tenant Detail Modules.


Maintenance Request:-

  1. Customer can add the Maintenance Request of property.
  2. Customer Have to select the Tenant Name, Property Name, Type of issue etc.
  3. Once the request is saved by the customer, admin can view the request and change the status accordingly.



  1. Customer can see only her own related Invoices (in portal).
  2. Invoices will be auto generate when Room Booking is created.
  3. For Partial Invoices admin have to add the next invoices.



  1. Expenses for the property will add here

Push Notification:-

  1. This form is used to send the Notification to the portal user
  2. Portal User can see the notification in Customer Portal App
  3. Select Customer and type Message to send Notification to the selected customer.


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