In 2020, the standard internet user has at least 7 social media accounts. 97% of India adults below 65 are on social media at least once in month. Digital marketing have more advantage now because maximum number of people are depend on new methods of advertisement. They are not depending upon traditional methods for advertisement. Digital marketing has become the one of the most powerful tool in marketing which can bring more customers to the small and large business as well. Digital marketing can enhance your business branding, visibility and search engine ranking also for your business. Maximum number of searches is received by various search engines in every single day. Digital marketing increasing the branding of your product, website and increasing the searching rank. There are maximum routs from that you can expand the visibility of search engine. Through digital marketing you can make your content mobile friendly and add relevant images. In today’s generation SEO has become the passion as well as the saviour for all the businesses. SEO is a marketing strategy to improve your brands and service through internet. Big and small firms having same plans for their business continuity and digital marketing help them to promote their business. For enhancing your business, firstly you have to make your online presence through website and through social media platforms. People are spending their more than five hours on internet. Email marketing can also raise your business and you can send emails after 24 hours and one week to recall them. The email marketing also works as backup of your customers.

In nowadays, everyone is aware about digital services. That how they can increase the branding and growth of their business through internet service. Through face book, email, instagram and other social platforms you can increase the conversion rate of your business and these conversions are converted into leads for your business. SEO give benefits and growth to your small and big business. Digital marketing help you to reach wider audience and also increase the conversion rate of the business and converted into the leads. In live chats you can solve the problems of your customers. In nowadays, digital marketing help to increase the business growth of small and big business and also help you to have a great reputation in market.

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