In this Article, we are going to look at how you can install CodeIgniter. You can download the latest version from the CodeIgniter website, or you can use a tool like a composer to automate the installation

Step 1) Open the following URL in your browser

The image below shows the download link to the latest version of the framework

Step 2) Clicking the above link will download the framework as a zipped folder. Unzip the contents of

Step 3) Let’s say you want to create a project called the online store. You can follow the following steps to start your project. Create a new directory in on your development drive, e.g, D:\Sites\online-store

Step 4) Open the contents of CodeIgniter-3.1.10, you should be able to see the following files

Copy the above contents to your project directory, e.g., D:\Sites\online-store

Step 5) Just to make sure everything is ok, open the terminal and start the built-in PHP server

cd D:\Sites\ online-store

Run the following command

php -S localhost:3000

load the following URL into your browser


You will see the following results

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