Zoho Creator can push Form data to Zoho CRM. Below steps tell you how to add a CRM lead from Zoho Creator Form.

  1. Create a Lead Form in Zoho Creator: Create a Zoho Creator Form with the following fields.
  2. Company Name (field type – Single Line)
  3. Name (field type – Single Line)
  4. Telephone (field type – Single Line)
  5. Email Address (field type – Email)
  6. File Upload field (for adding attachments)
  7. write the script on your submission form’s on success

create the CRM vs Creator fields map to push data to the CRM module.
myFieldMap = map();

add values to the map. CRM fields first and then Creator fields ( without the quotes ). Creator field’s deluge name is used here-

myFieldMap = map();
myFieldMap.put(“Company”, Company_Name);
myFieldMap.put(“Last Name”, Name);
myFieldMap.put(“Phone”, Telephone);
myFieldMap.put(“Email”, Email_Address);
response = zoho.crm.create(“Leads”, myFieldMap);

Click on Save Script.

Submit data on your Creator Form and check the lead in CRM.

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