One of the most common question. How can we connect multiple salesforce account with zoho creator. And use the salesforce account details in zoho creator. On this post you can see the solution for that. Here all the process to make connection with salesforce in zoho Creator is showing in details.

Salesforce integration enables you to push data automatically from Zoho Creator to your Salesforce account. To begin with, you must add a connection between Zoho Creator and your Salesforce account. You can add a new Salesforce account or map your existing account by specifying your Salesforce login credentials.

Configure Salesforce connection

  • Firstly you have to open the account dashboard by clicking on the Zoho Creator icon at the left – top side.
  • Then click on the Setupicon in the top-right corner of your Dashboard.

  • Select Connectionsunder Extensions. Extensions is used to integrate some of the listed software/ apps in zoho creartor.
  • Click Add Connection. And then choose SalesForce as the Service.
  • Now you have to Enter the Connection Name to uniquely Identify this connection to Salesforce, and then click on the Authorise

  • Login using Salesforce login credentials. Enter Your Salesforce username and password.
  • Click Allow to Share your application data between Zoho creator and Salesforce

  • The newly added connection will be display in the Connections
  • In Connections page you can see the edit, disable and delete option for the connection. Options will show when you mouseover an application.

You can create multiple connection here in same or different software. You can see the connection directly from any application in your account.

After successful authentication, you can map fields in your Zoho Creator form to the supported Salesforce module. This action will create a record in your Salesforce account with relevant details whenever the Creator form is submitted.

For example, you can create Leads for sales, create Contacts of prospective sales, create Accounts or Campaigns for these sales whenever the Creator form is submitted.

Apart from pushing data, you can perform more actions such as fetch and update records by defining a custom action in Zoho Creator.

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