In current trend PHP and MYSQL is the most popular database and scripting language for today’s generation. Whereas PHP is server-side scripting language, it creates dynamic pages with customized features. The main advantage of using PHP and MYSQL is, it provides user friendly, an interactive website and also producing a genuinely dynamic and flexible content. PHP is easy to learn as compared to other scripting language and it can customized easily as per the needs of business and clients. There are many online course website for learning PHP and MYSQL. There are top 5 online courses websites as following-

1) killer PHP

The killer PHP is created to teach practical PHP to the new interns. The release of PHP7 in 2016, the PHP is the most powerful programming language. PHP is based on the four pillars of modern we development. In this site you can learn through tutorials, videos. In this you can learn about

b) CSS
c) JavaScript
d) OPP
e) PHP
These all concepts are defile in Killer PHP. It helps you to learn about PHP and web development. For learn more about PHP you can visit to there visit on the given link.

2) ZOHO pundit

Zoho pundit came the existence to provide best online service in PHP and MYSQL. In this course they cover all the basic and advanced topics of PHP-Mysql. They also give you theoretical and practical classes. The timing for these classes is maximum 2 hours. ZOHOPundit also provide training in Digital marketing, web design, zoho development and at last PHP development. The main topics of every field in their course are as follow-

a) PHP development- In this course they will teach you about basic PHP, Advanced PHP, word press, HTML and many more in their syllabus.
b) Digital marketing- In this course the main topics are SEM, Google ad words, Email marketing, keyword search, SEO and many more
c) Web Design- The main topic in this course is Photoshop, Word press, CSS, CMS, HTML and much more.
d) ZOHO development- In this they teach you about ZOHO development, ZOHO one, ZOHO creator and many more to learn.
ZOHO pundit is the best website to learn about web development, web design, digital marketing and Zoho Pundit. For more information about Zoho pundit click in the given link.

3) Codecdemy- Codecademy is an company education. Codecademy is the best place to teach, learn, and create online learning experience of future. They are provided you best learning experience inside and out. They are provide the best services online to the fresher’s and come up with new languages. There are following languages are teach by them are as follow-

1) Web development

2) Data science

3)Web Design

4) Game development


6) JavaScript

7) Python

8) SQL

9) C++

These classes are given by them in there online classes. For more knowledge you can click on the link given below.

4) The is best for learning only about php. They come daily with new php versions. This site is best for learning about PHP only. The following versions of PHP are given by are as follow-

1) PHP 7.2

2) PHP 7.3

3) PHP 7.4

5) PHP 7.4 ORC6

6) PHP 7.4 ORC 4

7) PHP 7.4 0beta2

They come with new versions of PHP. They also provide online classes theoretically. If you want to learn only about than is the best website to know more about PHP. For more knowledge click on the given link.

5) w3schools- w3 schools are providing testing, learning and training .They also provide you tutorials in their website. W3schools is the largest web development website, which provide best development services. They also trained students online through theoretical and practical knowledge and solve the problems. There are some languages on which they provide training on there website are as follow-

1) Python


3) CSS

4) PHP

5) SQL

6) JavaScript

For more information about w3school you can visit their site given below

These are top 5 website for training in PHP, MYSQL, Digital marketing and for other scripting languages. These website help you to learn more about the different languages and also gain more knowledge about the languages.

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