Info Tyres Spot App

Zoho Creator Tyre Inventory


  1. Tyres – (Search Page)
  2. Customers
  3. Items
  4. Invoices
  5. Sales Orders
  6. My Cart
  7. Order Confirmation Screen


  1. Multiple Items Add To Cart.
  2. Auto show different prices for wholesale and Retail Customers.
  3. Auto Calculate Discount, Total Price based on QTY selected.
  4. Stripe Payment Integration
  5. Invoices Send as Email PDF.
  6. Customer Portal:- Wholesale and Retail
  7. Button to update Quantity on one click.


Two Search fields is showing on the Tyres Page. Click on Find Tyres to see the search result.

Zoho Creator

On Result Page Add to Cart button is present for every record. To directly add the items into cart. After clicking on Add to Cart button QTY select window will show. Enter the QTY you want to ADD into the Cart.

Add to Cart

On My Cart Page Total Amount will auto calculate. User can add more items into the cart. After selecting the QTY, Amount will again auto calculate. (Different Fields will show to the different customers (wholesale and Retail).)

My Cart

At Last Order Confirmation screen will show. On this screen user can see the selected products details with Total Amount.

If User select the “Pay with Credit Card Online” Then Stripe Payment page will show with the Total Amount. Else “Order Successful” Message will show.

Order Confirm

Once order is successfully created then email will send to the customer and Admin. Customer can directly download/Print the Invoices from the Email.

Stock on Hand will auto Calculate on that stage.