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Salesiq Chatbot WEBCURSO
(Language – Spanish)

This chatbot is use to show the courses details and to save user details behalf of the question represent.
On that chatbot many text field, option field, Phone field with validation, Email field with validation etc. Also we create the loop condition based on the option selected.
User can view the policy details, courses details, topics etc.

For the text field question. Firstly we try to get the answer and once we get the answer then next question will show. For the option type field we create the condition on context_id and check the selected option respectively. Behalf of that selected option next question will show.

On Privacy Policy link is created and link is directly open well and on same question previous answer will show in the text question.

For upload document field we use to upload the document online. And then pass the url in the answer.
Many of the selected option conversation will end setup. Please check the link below to see the script handler

Context Handler

message handler

Trigger handler

Salesiq Chatbot

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